Window Tinting – What Is It and Why Install It?

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Window Tinting is something that every window installation should include. Window Tinting helps to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays from the sun into your home. When ultraviolet rays are allowed in, they can cause damage to your wood siding and reduce the resale value of your home.

Window Tinting is measured on a scale called VMT, (visible light transmittance), which measures the amount of light that passes through your window. It is best to install Window Tinting near places where you spend a lot of time such as the kitchen or dining room. It is best to have Window Tinting when your home is being built as well.

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Decatur Illinois Window Tinting is also a great option for protecting your home from harmful UV rays, while still allowing the sunshine in. Most of the public parks, malls, and other public gathering places use commercial window tinting. Window Tinting will not make your car window tinted like a car window tint but will help keep those harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your home. Window Tinting is a necessity for protecting your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Tinting windows at home is not nearly as expensive as tinting car windows, but is much less time consuming. You can expect to pay between ten cents and one dollar per square foot for window tinting. Most window tinting companies quote you for up to ten cents per square foot, but if you are having multiple windows tinted, you may be able to get a much lower price per square foot. If you go with a local company, you should be able to get a written quote over the phone, or even over the internet. Once you know the price, you can then make an informed decision regarding which company you are going to use.


Glare Free Windows

One advantage of window tinting over regular paint is that it keeps out all kinds of harmful things, such as UV rays, acid rain, smog, and even the heat from your sun. Window Tinting films will also reflect up to ninety percent of visible light, so glare free windows are provided for by this type of film. Another advantage of window tinting is that it protects your interior furnishings, upholstery, carpets, and rugs from fading from the sun and dust.

While there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from for window tinting, most people prefer to use dark shades for their automobiles. Dark tinted windows will not allow in as much harmful UV rays, but will still let some light through. Depending on what kind of room you are tinting, you will need to consider how much light you want allowed through your windows before tinting the room.


Window Tinting films can be purchased at any local department store, or online. If you have decided to buy window film, you should know that there are some options to help keep your car from overheating. Many companies offer products that stay cool to the touch while protecting your windows from the sun. If you tint your windows when it’s hot, you will find that when it’s cold outside, your car is much cooler and stays warmer than it would be if it didn’t tint.