Why Upholstery Cleaning Brushes Is Best?

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If you are in the market for a new upholstery cleaning brush, there are several things you will want to consider before making your purchase. Not all upholstery cleaning brushes are the same, and you want to pick one that best fits your needs. There are different types of brushes for different cleaning jobs. Some brushes are built to work harder and more thoroughly than others.

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A quality upholstery cleaning brush will have a long handle Visit Know. The long handle allows for more leverage when scrubbing stubborn stains. High-performance brushes for both exterior and interior detailing jobs. For heavy-duty cleaning, consider an industrial-grade cleaning brush that is made from premium grade nylon with an aluminum or steel barrel.


Upholstery Cleaning Brushes

For all-purpose cleaners, choose an upholstery shampooer that features a rotating brush head. The rotating head helps to distribute the shampoo into the carpeting. The most effective shampoo for cleaning all-purpose upholstery is a citrus based rinse and mild detergent. Look for an upholstery shampoo that contains 10 percent citrus solvent or other citrus cleaners. Avoid any upholstery cleaning products with petroleum-based products as they can leave behind a sticky residue on your upholstery that eventually results in resoiling. Look for an all-purpose cleaner with a strong detergent, such as a Triclosan, that will break up and lift dirt from deep within the fabric.

Upholstery shampooing and spot cleaning services for carpeting require the use of a vacuum. The larger the vacuum, the better the job will be of breaking up and lifting all the dirt and residue. A high-efficiency brush with a spinning motion will be needed to prevent excessive scrubbing. Upholstered floor mats are excellent for performing these procedures as the mat’s surface traps all the dust, soil, and debris that can collect in a typical upholstery cleaning session. Individual fibers of the carpeting can also be easily brushed if needed.

The best upholstery cleaning method is the extraction method. This method involves pulling out the dirt and grime using a brush and a powerful vacuum cleaner. As the dirt is pulled out, a special vacuum device will then clean the individual fibers. This process will help loosen and get rid of embedded dirt and grime. The extraction session should be repeated at least two times to ensure total completion.

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You might also consider a pre-treat application for stubborn stains. Most upholstery shampoos and cleaners contain a pre-treat solution that helps loosen dirt and grime before the actual cleaning session. Once the upholstery has been cleaned, you should inspect your seating surfaces for streaks or discolorations. If you notice discoloration on your upholstery, you should apply a pre-treat solution before beginning your next upholstery cleaning task. Your carpets will thank you.