Why is Google Optimize Sunsetting?

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As of September 30, 2023, Google will no longer support its popular experimentation tool, Google Optimize. Users can continue to run their experiments until that date, but after that, they will need to find a new solution. To help marketers with the transition, Heap has collected tips from industry experts on what they need to know about implementing an alternative for Google Optimize.

Why is Google Optimize Sunsetting?

While Google Optimize was a great tool for many, it had its limitations as well. One major issue was the inability to track user behavior after a test had completed. This was a problem for marketers who relied on AB testing as part of their conversion rate optimization (CRO) processes.

In addition to this, some users reported issues with the page flickering effect which occurred when a visitor Google optimize is retiring moved from the original version of a web page to the experimental variant. This was a problem that could affect the credibility of the website and its overall user experience.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives available for those looking to replace Google Optimize. These include dedicated experimentation platforms such as Optimizely Experimentation, AB Tasty, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), Kentico Xperience and Uniform, as well as digital experience management solutions that provide some experimentation capabilities like Adobe Experience Manager.

Choosing the right platform will depend on your specific features requirements, the amount of traffic you have and your use cases. Many of these tools also offer a free trial period or demos to help you get acquainted with the options available to you.