Which Tire Brands Are From China?

Which Tire Brands Are From China?
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A number of Chinese-based companies have acquired or built factories that produce tires for a wide range of brands. These include Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama and Continental. Some have also purchased other firms including Pirelli and Kumho.

Some have adapted the technologies and techniques of their European and American counterparts while others simply buy tire molds from previous seasons and adjust them to suit their own pattern designs Tyres in Bangor Co Down. These Chinese-made tires tend to be less expensive than their foreign brethren because of low raw material costs.

Which Tire Brands Are From China?

However, the question is whether these cheaper Chinese-made tires are as safe and durable as the branded ones that come from Europe or America. That is a matter of opinion, but tests show that Chinese-label tires have proven to be at least as safe as name brand tires for most consumers.

What’s more, many Asian manufacturers use state-of-the-art European infrastructure in their factories. That’s how they’re able to compete against the major names in the industry.

These factories also provide the expertise to develop new tires that can meet the increasingly high requirements of alternative energy vehicles, which include electric cars and hybrids. Those are some of the most challenging tires to manufacture.

As a result, China has emerged as one of the world’s leading tire producers. These companies have established an extremely strong presence in the global market, and their production is highly standardized and follows strict quality guidelines.