Where Are the Most Waterfalls in Ontario?

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Ontario has many waterfalls to offer. Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions. If you can get to the Canadian side of the Falls, you can get a better view of the falls than you can from the American side. Also, check out Horseshoe Falls, the largest waterfall in North America.

Where Are the Most Waterfalls in Ontario?

Montmorency Falls, also known as Chute-Montmorency, is an 83-meter waterfall fed by the Montmorency River. It drops into the Saint Lawrence River below. There are many awesome features in Montmorency Falls Park, including a suspension bridge that spans the top of the falls. The park also has a cable car that takes visitors from the bottom of the waterfall to the crest.

What Waterfall is Canada's Most Famous?

In Southern Ontario, there are dozens of waterfalls, many of which are accessible from hiking trail waterfalls near me. The region is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves begin to change color. Visiting more than one waterfall in one day is a great way to explore the region. In Hamilton alone, there are over 100 waterfalls to choose from.

If you have the time, you should also check out Inglis Falls. Located in Southern Ontario, this waterfall is one of the most popular attractions. Visitors can take a trail to the falls in the winter season. The trail goes through a rocky gorge and ends at viewing platforms. The falls are 19 meters tall and 18 meters wide. Another popular waterfall in Ontario is the Niagara Escarpment in the Red Hill Valley.