What’s the Best Colour Diamond?

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While there is no universally accepted “best colour,” there is generally one that appeals most to the buyer. A few general guidelines are helpful when choosing the right diamond color. You can find the most affordable diamonds in color grades G, H, and I. Warm colors can make a diamond appear whiter when combined with rose gold settings.

What’s the Best Colour Diamond?

The AGS developed a scale to describe the color of diamonds. The lightest grade is G, and the darkest is H. The lightest possible diamond is G, gradually getting darker until it reaches H. If you’re trying to select a diamond with the best color, check for the AGS color scale and the gemological institute of America’s 4C’s.

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The diamond’s cut and metal will also affect its color. A round diamond with a brilliant cut is almost colorless, while Body Piercing Supplies with pointed tips trap color in the points. Therefore, you’ll want to consider a higher color grade if you want a fancy cut.

Another option is to opt for a step cut, which is famous for its luster and brilliance. The amount should be by the diamond’s shape, as it can affect its color grade.

Fluorescence also affects a diamond’s value, but this isn’t the main factor. If fluorescence is barely noticeable, it doesn’t affect the diamond’s weight. However, if vital, it can give a higher-valued stone a milky white appearance, which lowers its value.