What is the Worth of Queen Chess?

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In chess, each piece on the board has a value, and this value is assigned based on its movement capabilities. These values can help you evaluate a position or decide whether to exchange pieces during a game.

The value of the pieces is not inherently important for a Luxury Chess Set, but it can be useful to have this information in mind as you attack, defend, or make a piece exchange. Having this knowledge will help you to avoid being tricked into sacrificing valuable material by your opponent.

What is the Worth of Queen Chess?

A pawn is worth one point. A bishop is worth three points, a rook is worth five, and a queen is worth nine.

When you are attacking a piece, it must be able to move in at least two different ranks or files (that is, horizontally and vertically). The rook is the strongest of the non-knight pieces in this regard, with a value of 5 pawns, two more than a bishop or knight.

The rook also has the ability to move through unoccupied spaces and capture an opposing piece by doing so. This movement makes it a very powerful piece and is why it has such a high value. It is also a good defensive piece and can prevent your opponent from developing. It can even mate the Bare King alone in some cases. This makes it a very valuable piece, especially in the opening and middle game.