What is the Soul Number?

Life Path Number
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The soul number is a core concept in numerology that highlights what people crave most in life. It is calculated by interpreting the numbers assigned to each vowel letter in one’s name.

People with soul number 4 are dependable and strong. They prefer a sense of stability and order in their lives, and they detest sudden change.


Number 1: Leader

A person with soul number 1 has a deep craving to lead. This number has a powerful sense of morality and a strong intuition.

This number is a leader on both a personal and professional level. It has a natural ability to inspire others and build confidence within a group of Zodiac Signs. This number is also empathetic and spiritual. This makes them excellent teachers.

Number 2: Sensitivity

When you have a soul urge number 2, you crave stability and security. You also love helping others, and you often feel fulfilled when you make a difference.

To find out your soul urge number, write down your full birth name and reduce it by adding up the values of each vowel. Then add these numbers together. The result will be your soul urge number.

Number 3: Entertainment

You are a natural entertainer and you enjoy the art of performance. You have the powerful intuition and sensitivity of soul urge number 22.

To find out your soul urge number, write down your full birth name and pick all the vowels (even if they appear more than once) and add them up to get your single-digit answer. Then, interpret it.

Number 4: Structure

The Soul Urge Number (also known as the Heart’s Desire Number) is calculated using the vowels in your full birth name. It reveals your basic needs, wants and desires as well as the motivations behind your actions.

People with a soul urge number 4 yearn for stability and a sense of structure in their lives. They are often level-headed and dependable individuals.

Number 5: Passion

When your soul urge number is 5, you have a natural ability to see the bigger picture. You’re a natural explorer who is inspired by new experiences.

To determine your soul urge number, write down your full birth name and then pick out all the vowels (even if they repeat) and add them up. Then reduce it to a single digit.

Number 6: Communication

Soul urge number (also known as the heart’s desire) reveals your ultimate ideals and underlying motives. You are a highly analytical individual, favouring thorough research and detesting hasty conclusions.

To find your soul urge, take the vowel letters in your name and assign values to each of them (excluding Y which can be both a vowel and consonant). Add up all the numbers to reveal your heart’s desire.

Number 7: Love

You are a very loving and sensitive person. You require society and friendship and love the finer things in life. You are very diplomatic and enjoy quietly persuading people to your viewpoint.

To calculate your soul urge number, start by writing down your full birth name and pick up all the vowels (excluding Y). Then keep adding until you reach a single digit.

Number 8: Mentoring

Known as the Heart’s Desire Number, this numerology concept reveals your ultimate goals and explains the true intentions behind your many choices. It also shows your morals and values.

People with soul urge 22 seek to leave a positive mark on this world by their actions. They have the power and intuitive understanding of number 11 with the practical aptitude of number 4. This combination allows them to make a real impact.

Number 9: Finances

If you are a heart’s desire number 9, you have a strong sense of morality and the ability to see things from a global perspective. You are a good friend and often put the needs of others before your own.

You find fulfillment in knowing that you have improved humanity’s situation in some way. You are financially independent with a natural authoritative energy.

Number 10: Independence

The soul urge number (also known as the heart’s desire) reveals what you crave most in life. It’s calculated based on the numbers assigned to each vowel in your name.

If you have a soul urge number of 1, you want to be a leader. You march to the beat of your own drum and enjoy a sense of independence. You love to help others by putting their needs first.