What is the Fuel-Saving Trick?

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It’s a common question, especially among car owners who are trying to save on gas. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

One of the most obvious and simple tricks is to slow down – the faster you accelerate, the more fuel it takes to get up to speed. The same is true when you brake – if you apply the brakes lightly and gradually, your engine will use far less fuel than it would if you tried to force it to stop at any speed.

What is the Fuel-Saving Trick?

When you’re driving in traffic, it’s also a good idea to keep a safe following distance and not weave around other cars fuel save pro. As well as reducing your fuel consumption, this can mean the difference between being able to make your destination on time or having to wait.

Leaving the windows open at speeds below 80km/h causes your vehicle to work hard to overcome wind resistance. This is called ‘drag’ and burns up to 15% more fuel than it does at the same speed if you’re driving with the air conditioning on.

Tracking your mileage in real time is another good way to monitor and improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. By keeping an eye on your mileage, you can quickly spot any changes that need to be made and then take action before they become a problem.

A few simple tips can dramatically change the amount of fuel you spend each month. For example, removing excess weight from the trunk or interior of your vehicle reduces your fuel consumption by a significant amount – each 50 lbs reduces fuel economy by 1%.