What Is Security Training UK?

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There are many different types of security training available. They can vary in time duration and study method, as well as offer tutor support.

SIA licenses are required for anyone who wants to work in a role such as close protection, door supervision, or security guarding within the UK. You can get an SIA license by passing an exam, and it’s a legal requirement that you have one in place before starting your job.


What Is Security Training UK?

License-linked qualifications are designed to ensure that applicants for a front-line license can demonstrate they have the necessary skills to do their job in a safe and effective manner Security guards London. Those who do not hold these qualifications may have their license application refused.

The SIA has a statutory duty to regulate the private security industry and to manage the Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures the performance of private security service suppliers against independently established assessment criteria. They also issue SIA licenses to security officers and are a public body that enforces the law in the UK.

What are the benefits of SIA licences?

Security operatives are vital to public safety and it’s essential that they have the right knowledge and skills. Taking an SIA license is the best way to show employers that you’ve received appropriate training and that you can perform your duties safely.

When it comes to SIA licence renewal, the SIA expects all security officers to take top-up refresher courses every few years so they can recognise any new risks or challenges that they might be facing in their day-to-day roles. These training courses help security officers to keep their skills fresh and up-to-date so they can continue to provide a safe and secure service for the general public.