What is Famous to Buy in New Zealand?

What is Famous to Buy in New Zealand?
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New Zealand is a country of many delicious foods. However, some products are particularly famous and you can easily tell your friends and family that they have bought something unique in New Zealand.

One of the best things you can buy from New Zealand is a kiwi fruit. It is a symbol of this beautiful country.


Merino Wool

Known for its softness and all-seasons breathability, New Zealand Merino wool is the finest, the most natural, and most sustainable fiber in the world. It is also exceptionally easy to care for and durable.

While merino is still an expensive fabric to buy, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment for those who truly value its comfort and performance advantages. Besides, it’s a great way to support New Zealand’s economy.

As global demand for merino increases, it will continue to benefit farmers who produce Gift Boxes NZ. Having multiple sources of income helps them weather volatility in the market and stay afloat during times of economic downturn.

Native Wood

Native trees, with their high endemism, are a unique part of New Zealand’s landscape. Almost all of our native species occur nowhere else in the world, and the forests they form are among the most diverse on Earth.

During the 1800s, European explorers, settlers and farmers used native trees for construction of houses, fences and railway sleepers. Kauri was the favourite for these, though rimu was also a popular choice.


Abalone is the most famous shellfish to buy in New Zealand. It is a popular seafood choice for many people and chefs often incorporate it into their menus.

Its soft, chewy texture and unique flavor make it a favorite among diners. It also absorbs the flavors of other foods it is cooked alongside.

The abalone shell is flat and spiral-shaped with several open respiratory pores in a row near the shell’s outer edge. The inside of the shell is made from a calcium carbonate material called nacre, or mother-of-pearl.

Kete Bags

Kete bags are traditional hand-woven carrying baskets shaped through a technique called raranga. They’re a beautiful, sustainable option for travelers who want to add a touch of New Zealand to their outfits.

Maori kete are also an essential part of New Zealand’s culture, used to carry things like fruit and fish as well as gifts. Woven from flax, they’re both decorative and practical.

These kete bags are usually made from New Zealand flax leaves and feature unique patterns or natural motifs. They’re a great gift for friends and family back home.


Pounamu is a type of hard and durable green stone found only in New Zealand. It is also referred to as greenstone, or jade.

There are several different types of pounamu – nephrite jade, bowenite (serpentine), and a rare form called Tahutahi jade, or snowflake jade.

Nephrite pounamu is the most common type of pounamu. It is formed when two contrasting rock types fuse together under high heat and pressure deep within the Earth’s crust.

It comes in a range of colours, from light to dark browns and creams, olive greens and apple greens. It is highly prized and extremely hard, akin to steel.


Sheep are a quadrupedal ruminant species, typically kept for meat and milk. They are members of the Artiodactyla order (even-toed ungulates) and number about 1 billion worldwide, mostly in Asia and Africa.

Wild sheep are very social animals, living in groups called flocks that help them avoid predators and stay warm by huddling together. They also find grazing areas and move to new ones as weather conditions change.

Sheep are a familiar symbol of the land in New Zealand and they have been used in countless traditions for thousands of years. They are also a traditional souvenir to give your friends and family when they visit New Zealand.