What Is a Water Sommelier?

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A water sommelier is a professional who has been trained to evaluate and recommend different types of water to restaurants, resorts, and other establishments. They also educate staff and customers on the benefits of drinking water, and how to choose the right type for each situation.


A Water Sommelier Is a World-Class Expert

While many people believe that water tastes the same as any other glass of water, there is actually a lot to be learned about the best reverse osmosis system. Water can vary in taste based on its terroir, carbonation, minerality, and other characteristics. There are even specialized training facilities and certification programs for those interested in becoming a water sommelier.

The World’s Top Water Sommelier: Martin Riese

When Martin Riese was growing up in Germany, he was fascinated with the way different waters tasted on vacation. He would eagerly anticipate family trips so that he could sample the various glasses of water available. He eventually discovered a career path he was truly suited to, and it paid off big time. Visit Website

He was able to enter the US on an O-1 visa, reserved for people who have extraordinary abilities. That allowed him to take on a full-time career as a water sommelier.

As a water sommelier, he is responsible for developing and implementing a water menu for a restaurant or hotel, as well as providing training to employees and clients. He also educates consumers about the benefits of drinking water and the role it plays in their overall health.

Riese’s extensive 40-page water menu, which can be found at Ray’s and Stark Bar in Los Angeles, is one of the most elaborate we have seen. It’s packed with options and he estimates that customers can easily spend more than $20 on a single bottle.

Unlike wine, which can be very expensive, water is often affordable and easily accessible, making it a great way to cut down on costs. In addition to being inexpensive, it also has a multitude of health benefits.

He is also known for his commitment to sustainability and advocating for the universal human right to clean water. He is the founder and president of the Fine Water Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality water and the positive health benefits it can provide.

A Water Sommelier Is an Essential Part of the Food and Beverage Industry

There are several things that go into being a water sommelier, including knowledge about different types of water from all over the world. They must also be familiar with the beverage industry and have excellent communication and customer service skills.

Some of the best water sommeliers work at high-end restaurants and hotels. For example, Jessica Altieri, America’s newest and hottest Certified Water Sommelier, works at Florie’s, a Four Seasons restaurant in Florida. She is also a consultant for a number of restaurants and water bars, including Park Hyatt Shanghai in China and the Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz in Switzerland.