What is a Pakistani Bokhara Rug?

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A Bokhara is a type of oriental design rug that is typically made by Turkomen tribes of Central Asia. These rugs are often found in the bazaars of cities like Bukhara.

These rugs are produced on horizontal transportable looms and feature a design based on the Senneh knot (referred to as “double knot” in Pakistan). They are typically woven by nomads on wool foundations, though they can also be woven with cotton.

What is a Pakistani Bokhara Rug?

Bokhara rugs are usually available in red, maroon, and rust colors and tones as well as many other colors and shades. They are crafted with vegetable dyes and are commonly hand-dyed.

The main differences between Bokhara rugs are the weave, the pile, and the color. While the Morrocan Rugs are woven on a cotton base, the Central Asian Bokharas are often woven with a wool base and are generally more tightly woven with a shorter pile.

Regardless of the type of Bokhara you choose, it’s important to take care of it properly. It should be professionally cleaned once every five to ten years to maintain its beauty and keep it looking new. You can do this yourself with a mild rug shampoo and water mixture, or you can use a professional rug cleaning service to do it for you.