What Equipment is a Fire Door?

fire door
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A fire door is a specialist door that is rated to resist the spread of smoke and fire. These doors can offer protection for up to thirty minutes and sixty minutes respectively, if installed correctly.

FD30 and FD60 are the most common ratings for fire doors. These are able to prevent fire and smoke from spreading for a set period of time, once they have been installed in accordance with fire safety regulations.


What Equipment is a Fire Door?

Fire Doors Kent are made up of a door leaf, frame, and other fittings that are required to be fire rated by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). They should be fitted with intumescent strips, smoke-seal bounding, and other relevant door hardware to ensure they can withstand the test of a fire.

Certification and maintenance

Keeping your rolling steel fire door in good working order is vital for its functionality as well as safety. This means performing regular checks to identify any deterioration and carrying out a drop test on your fire door to confirm it will close automatically in an emergency.

Trimming your fire door should be carried out under the supervision of the manufacturer to avoid any compromising its rating or performance. If the door has a solid construction, it may be possible to trim to size but this would have a significant impact on its overall fire resistance rating and should not be attempted unless recommended by the manufacturers.

It is also essential to ensure all the required equipment is in place, including door closers and latches that are capable of closing the door in an emergency. Lastly, the intumescent and smoke-seal bounding should be checked regularly to ensure they are still in good working order.

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