Using the Pacific Rim Robot Names Generator

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The Pacific Rim is the brainchild of a group of researchers with the U.S. military. They came up with a unique way to generate names for robots after they took some time to figure out what the best names were for a robot. The Pacific Rim Robot Names Generator works best when you put in all the parameters that make up the robot. The parameters for the Pacific Rim Robot Name Generator are robot type, size, function, mission, and so on.

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Pacific Rim Robot Names Generator

Basically the robot must have the ability to surf the Internet, be strong enough to be able to navigate the waters, and also understand when it’s not safe to go back out into the ocean. Once all these factors are considered, then the robot can be given a name. In order for the Pacific Rim robot name generator to work the team that developed it needed to come up with a list of over sixty different names. Naturally, some of them would be bad, but the good robots should still be included because no one would want to take a robot that was going to be fighting alongside the United States Navy, or that was going to be protecting the United States from terrorists.

Final Words

To get a truly great idea of how the Pacific Rim robot name generator works, simply think of the robot in the movie Independence Day. There’s a robot whose name is Rintoo, and it is an awesome robot that was created by the United States Navy. However, it doesn’t look anything like either George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. If you put this robot into the ocean and left it alone for months, then you might start to hear noises from inside the water. The US Navy eventually realizes that this robot is, in fact, a Rintoo, and so it starts to send out more Rintoos to find out where the noise is coming from.