The Purpose of Folding Laundry

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For some people, folding laundry is one of those meditative chores that they enjoy doing. It may appeal to their organized nature or act as a soothing repetitive motion, but regardless of how you feel about this task, it is a necessary part of the cleaning process.

However, for others, this seems to be a chore that they avoid at all costs, leaving their clean clothes in piles on the bed or on the floor of their closet until it’s time to wear them. Fortunately, there are some important reasons why it’s best to fold your laundry after each washing, rather than just stuffing them into a basket or leaving them on the floor of your closet.


1. It wards off wrinkles.

If you leave your clean laundry lying around in a pile or crumpled in a basket, it’s more likely to develop unsightly and unwanted creases over time. This is because moisture from the washing can cause the fabric to stretch and create creases, which are difficult or even impossible to remove. Wash and fold your laundry immediately after you take it out of the dryer will help keep your clothes smooth and looking their best.

2. It increases the lifespan of your clothing.

Leaving your laundry lying around on the floor can result in snags or pulls that can damage your clothes over time, especially with knitted materials. When you fold your laundry properly, you are ensuring that there is no snags or pulls on the edges of your garments, which will extend their lifespan significantly.