Reasons why Paul Cezanne is the artist & painter of the 19th& 20th century

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Not to mention, Paul Cezanne was one of the most memorable, great, & intelligent art legends in France. There is no doubt that the people of France still remember him with great prestige, but his fame is not limited to France only. I can see where you are coming from, but Cezanne is not only famous in France but also in the rest of the world. Even though he is no more with us but he is still living among us through his great paintings. It would not be wrong to say that such art legends are born in centuries!

You can rest assured that there are quite obvious reasons why this legend painter is the legend of both the centuries. As you may already know ‘Cubism’ was an innovative form of artistic inquiry. On the other hand, when we look back at the 19th century, we know it was the century of impressionism.

What makes Paul Cezanne uniquely different from other artists?

Even though there are so many qualities in his work that make him a uniquely different artist and painter of his era, the bridge he built between the two centuries is something that makes him uniquely different. He is the legend of the early 20th century and late 19th century, who formed an ever-memorable bridge. His role in the new line of artistic approaches was stunning!

How to understand the uniqueness of Cezanne’s work?

To understand his work, you must first understand cubism & impressionism as both create a link between his work at the same time, giving you a passion and thrill – you will feel as if you were in his era for a while. Most of his work can be accessed on the internet by searching through Google but some pieces of his work are not found online, so you have to go to an old library for that.

Not only do french historians but also experts from other countries take time to study his paintings and other artwork. Particularly, those in the field or who want to join it love to go through his work whatever is accessible to them.

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