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6 Thing No One Will Tell You About Paella Spanish Food

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Paella is one of the most popular Spanish foods all around the world. It is rice and meat-based food which is widely consumed all around the globe. In fact, when you search for the best Spanish foods that you can try out, you would find Paella in almost any kind of Spanish food review that you find out there.

So, what is the reason for this immense popularity of Paella? We are here to unravel this mystery for you.

Let’s get started with la dolce vita athens to see what the most common reason for Paella’s popularity all around the globe are          


1. Rich History

Paella or also known as the Valencia Paella, has its origins in Valencia, which is located in the south east of Spain. Historians have written that with the introduction of better irrigation system in the country in about 10th century, people had started producing Rice. And ever since then, Paella has been around. Such ancient nature of this cuisine is one of the reasons why most people want to try it out.

Although it has evolved a lot over the years, still people crave that ancient feeling that they get with eating Paella. And now, paella has become popular all over the world. Even in London best paella London restaurants, you can find this dish at the top of their Food Menu.          

2. Nutritional Value

Paella is enriched in Vitamins, Minerals and unsaturated fats that are essential for the best growth of your body. It is great for health and would not create any kind of health issues for you. It is made with fresh ingredients that include vegetables and olive oil. All these ingredients are fresh and are great for your health. The nutritional value that it has to offer is remarkable. This is one of the reasons why it has become a famous Spanish food all around the globe.            

3. Increases your Energy Levels

With the health benefits it has to offer, the most popular of these benefits is the increased energy levels. It is the best solution to untimely hunger that you feel at any time of the day. Being a family dish, it also helps you socialize with your friends and family. All these factors when combined together, help make you feel good and you can better get through the day. Paella is not just a food; it offers additional health benefits as well that can go a long for you.     

4. Multiple Recipes

The best thing about paella is, there are multiple recipes that you can try out. All these recipes have their own taste and feel. So, with paella, you can have a lot of recipe options that you can try out. Here are most common recipes of Paella that you will find in most Spanish restaurants

There might be other recipes as well, but these are the most popular ones that you can find out there.  

5. Looks Magical

It’s not just about the taste, if you want your food to be delicious as well as you care about the aesthetics too, Paella is the food for you. It looks amazing. The rice cooked in Olive Oil with meat or fish hidden in the different layers; it simply looks remarkable. Its appearance is great which is a plus point for food bloggers. They have something impressive to show for their Paella eating experience.   

6. Tastes Like Heaven

Paella is one of the most amazing Spanish delights that you can find out there. It tastes amazing. The rice as well as the meat just melt in your mouth and give an amazing experience. You can hardly find any other food out there that offers the same level of taste when it comes to Spanish Foods. Plus, with all the recipes that you have out there, you get to choose exactly the kind of recipe that you want to eat.

Final Words

Everyone has their own preference and the way of measuring the taste and quality of cuisine. Paella has reached all our levels of taste and quality. That is why, if you haven’t tried it already, we would highly recommend you go for it. Make sure to check out this magical Spanish Cuisine the next time you visit a Spanish Food Restaurant.          

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