Moog’s Electric Actuator Solution for Vehicle Barriers

Vehicle Barriers
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Vehicle barriers are an important part of road safety and can help prevent accidents. When a vehicle hits a crash barrier, it will usually suffer a lot of damage. The larger the barrier, the more damage the vehicle will receive. It may even total the car or damage the passengers in the car. Therefore, it is imperative that the vehicle barriers be well-designed to minimize the damage.

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Moog’s control sub-panel assemblies reduce EMI interference with other equipment

Moog engineers evaluated the needs of OEMs and found that hydraulic actuation was not always the best option. Electric actuation has many advantages, including lower maintenance costs, lower environmental concerns, and high reliability.

It is also available with velocity profiling, which prevents constant stress from hitting end stops. This reduces component count and offers smooth operation. Furthermore, electric actuation is suitable for use in hostile environments.


Moog’s engineers developed a series of control sub-panel assemblies to reduce EMI interference. These sub-panels are self-contained and feature battery backup operations. These panels are used to reduce EMI interference with other equipment.

Moog’s Servo Actuator

High security vehicle barriers are the last line of defense for institutions and the technology behind them is critical. These barriers must be able to stop a 7.5-ton vehicle traveling at speeds between 50 and 80 kph in just one second and must be able to deploy within one to two seconds. In addition, the technology must be able to detect obstacles, such as a truck bed, and stop the vehicle before it hits the barrier.

To meet the unique needs of these applications, Moog engineers evaluated hydraulic and electric actuation. They determined that electric actuation would provide the benefits of low maintenance, reduced environmental impact, and high reliability. In addition to these benefits, electric actuation provides the advantages of reduced component count and smoother operation.

Moog’s Servo Activator for vehicle barriers features a high level of precision and minimal friction. It can be programmed for a particular establishment or hindrance and can operate in low-temperature conditions. The encoder compartment is programmable and IP67-rated.

Moog’s Servo Drive

Moog’s electric linear actuator solution can be used in a variety of applications, from vehicle barriers to damper control and edge guide systems for a web control. The electric actuation method has a number of advantages, including reduced maintenance and power requirements, high reliability, and environmental considerations.

It also has the added benefit of being able to withstand hostile environments. Moog has a long history of developing electric actuators and has successfully applied this technology to a wide variety of applications.

Another benefit of an electric barrier system is a lower component count. Electric barriers require less maintenance and do not require any hydraulic infrastructure. An electric barrier also has the advantage of providing barrier obstruction detection, allowing it to stop a vehicle before it reaches the obstacle. In addition, the electric barrier has a holding brake that automatically applies when a vehicle passes beneath it.

Electric actuators are also available in higher force levels, which allows them to be used in a variety of applications. Although hydraulic barriers were once the sole domain of hydraulic systems, the new technology is now gaining ground in applications such as roadway barriers.

Moog’s Servo Drive reduces interference with other equipment

The Moog Servo Drive offers several benefits to its users. The drive features a ground current synchronized to the pulse of the drive. This enables a lower level of interference with other equipment. The Moog Servo Drive also provides superior overload capacity, ensuring faster cycle times.

The SmartMotors of Moog’s DS2020 digital servo drive are used in hundreds of applications. These include precision positioning, packaging, test and measurement equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The DS2020 offers a higher-power output range and a broader input voltage than previous generations of Moog drives.

Final Words

The Moog Servo Drive reduces interference with other gearboxes and other equipment by eliminating high-frequency conductivity. Its low-cost and fast-applied digital filtering eliminates most EMC issues. The drive’s proximity to the motor solves most problems, making it the best choice for EMC compliance. The drive can be housed inside the enclosure for maximum simplicity and cost.

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