Lessons Learned From An Oil Field Accident Personal Injury Attorney

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A couple of years back I had a relative working in an oil rig at the Midland / Odessa region of Texas. It had been hard work that comprised long days with few visits back to see his loved ones. 1 fateful afternoon we received a phone call telling us concerning an accident that happened on the drilling rig which comprised our household member.

Accident Personal Injury Attorney

This set into motion a series of events that seemed to occur all by themselves with no control Personal Injury Attorney Old Market. Looking back today, I heard quite a bit from the expertise and the value of employing a personal injury lawyer to help guide us during this stressful time.

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Kevin was exercising on an oil area about a two-hour drive in our team of Abilene, TX. It’s actually a godforsaken region that you would rather not have to maneuver let alone function day in and day out because of 100 degrees + heat.

The method of drilling for petroleum contains using a drilling rig that spins a pipe equipped using a drill bit, deep into the ground. The full procedure is fraught with risk. All you operate with will be strong steel and can be measured not from the hundreds but thousands of pounds.

The standard average everyday person does not need to be overly concerned about these weights. They only ever suffer from this kind of heavyweights as soon as it comes to car accidents. But from the drilling planet, you’ve got 1,600 pounds pipes raised over your head and swaying in the wind all day.

Somehow Kevin, known to us as Big Daddy’, was operating on the oil drilling rig stage and in the practice of lifting a part of the heavy steel pipe upward into the atmosphere to twist into position on top of the pipe segment below it. It is a process that’s repeated daily long.

While this pipe has been transferred, it slipped into the chains holding this up and smashed him. He had been hurt he had to be air into a regional hospital in which they’re more equipped to take care of such harms. We were told we had to get there and we all did.

A couple of members of the drilling team were there attempting to describe what had occurred to make a far better sense of everything. A representative of the petroleum drilling firm was there also, ensuring that everything will be OK and they’d manage everything. Things did not really go as easy as they stated it would.

What I heard, from my lawyer, though this occasion I found that there are 5 measures that absolutely have to be taken immediately after an oil field accident.

The work site manager has to be notified immediately after the crash. 911 wants to be known as and household has to be contacted.

  • Medical care has to be provided whenever you can
  • Everything which has occurred should be recorded. Photographs have to be obtained from several angles to reveal what’s occurred. Who saw what occurred. How do you touch base with them?
  • You want to call your lawyer.

I’m now very grateful we had been put in contact with a personal injury lawyer in my hometown of Abilene, Texas who managed to walk through this procedure. She ended up becoming the principal oil drilling firm together with the sub-contractor to prepare a fund to cover Kevin’s medical expenditures and future lost earnings.

If this was abandoned into the oil field business alone to manage, that knows what the result is. 1 thing for certain I will tell you is that it would not be great. Now thankfully Kevin is functioning again but no more at the oil field drilling enterprise. In case you’ve got a loved person working at a dangerous company like petroleum drilling, then maintain the title of a regional personal injury lawyer available only in case.