League of Legends – Who is the Strongest ADC Pick?

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League of Legends patches and updates mean that some champions gain or lose power. This makes it hard to say who is the strongest ADC pick in any given moment.

Caitlyn is an incredibly strong marksman who can bully enemy duo laners in the early game and turn team fights her way. She also has a great auto attack range.



League’s newest AD Carrier, Kai’Sa, is arguably one of the safest marksmen to play in season 12. She has plenty of crowd control and her W (Last Embrace) can be used to bait out ultimates from enemies, keeping her safe.

She can easily kite during team fights, and her ult also provides a good amount of movement speed smite tier list, especially with Lethal Tempo. However, she doesn’t have the longest attack range so it’s important to play smart and use her Q to slow down enemy champions before you pounce on them for a kill.

In addition, her abilities are extremely versatile and give her plenty of options to pick the best items for her build. She’s a great pick for Duo Lane, especially when paired with a support who can help her snowball and gank early game. Depending on your build path, she can also be quite poke-heavy and amazing during the late game. However, it’s important to note that she can be a bit squishy and can be targeted by enemy tanks.


Having a firm understanding of which champions are the strongest picks in the current patch is essential for preparing yourself for the ranked queue. Whether you’re playing in Legendary Queue or just regular ranked, knowing which champions are currently performing well will help you cater your pick and ban choices accordingly.

Sivir is a short-ranged marksman that can be a nuisance in late game teamfights. Her auto attacks ricochet around enemies with a high critical strike chance, and her ultimate is a huge threat to any aggressive enemy.

She’s a solid pick for the dragon lane, but it can be difficult to master her. Maximize her Q (Icathian Rain) for wave clear and damage, then her E (Void Seeker) or W (Supercharge) for mobility. Ensure you’re building for movement when picking her, and build Ghost as a summoner item or Phantom Dancer for the movement speed boost.


Jhin is one of the most unique marksman in League of Legends. He believes that murder is art and he has created his own style of killing in the bot lane.

This marksman has an amazing range on his abilities and is terrifying to play against. However, his lack of mobility makes him a bad pick against champions who can peel for him.

Riot reworked Jhin in patch 13.5 and it made him a very strong ADC pick for the first time in the game. This marksman has a very high skill ceiling and he is hard to shut down during the laning phase and teamfights.

The best items for Jhin are Dead Man’s Plate and Iceborne Gauntlet. The former grants him bonus movement speed, which makes him harder to catch up to and the latter provides some survivability and CC. You can also build a Mythic item for extra damage, but it is not necessary.


League of Legends’ frequent updates often change the power of champions. However, there are some who remain consistently strong. The best ADC picks are those who can be depended on to carry the game from the very beginning.

Ezreal is one of the most reliable marksmen in League of Legends. His ult is an amazing tool for escaping from sticky situations, and his auto attacks and headshots do a lot of damage. This champion is a solid pick for bot lane, and can quickly become a threat to the enemy team.

Caitlyn is a good ADC pick for beginners because she is easy to learn. She has good movement abilities and her Q (Piltover Peacemaker) does great damage while reducing enemies’ movement speed. Her W (Yordle Snap Trap) provides her with better crowd control, while her E is a great way to slow enemies down. These tools make her a good pick for ganking and escaping from aggressive junglers or laners.