Is an H Color Diamond Good?

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If you are looking for a diamond with a high clarity level, an H color diamond is an excellent choice. A diamond with this clarity grade is eye-clean and has a brilliant shine when exposed to light.

Is an H Color Diamond Good?

However, these diamonds can be difficult to find in large or fancy shapes and are not necessarily available in all cut grades. Tattoo Supplies California An H colour diamond will look excellent in white gold, platinum, or yellow gold and look beautiful with white gold or rose gold.

Is an H color diamond good

A diamond with an H color has a slight yellow tint. This is very difficult to see unless you compare the diamond. If you buy an H color diamond, you won’t notice the yellow hue unless it is very close to a D color diamond. This means that it’s unlikely that you’ll even notice it without an expert’s consultation.

When comparing an H color diamond to a diamond of the same size, the H diamond will seem warmer. This is because it has yellow spots around the edges, but those spots are due to external factors.

However, if the diamond is set in a white metal ring, the casual observer will never know the difference. A face-up H diamond will look white. An H diamond will also look good in any setting color, but a J colored diamond will be noticeably yellow when set in a white gold ring.

Compared to D and E color diamonds, H color diamonds offer excellent value. They are white-yellow and cost about 10% less. They are also more affordable than their colorless counterparts, so it’s not a bad choice if you are on a budget.