Is a Durham Degree Respected?

Is a Durham Degree Respected?
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Located in the North East of England, Durham is a World Top 100 University (QS World Rankings 2023) and consistently ranks 5th in the UK.

It’s a distinctive residential collegiate university with long traditions and modern values. It is the inheritor of a continuous line of learning and scholarship dating back to Bede, who was poet, scientist and historian in the 7th century, and St Cuthbert, who established ‘English’ Christianity from its Celtic roots.


Is a Durham Degree Respected?

Students at Durham come from all over the world and there are over 18,700 in total.

They are drawn to a university that is known for producing highly skilled graduates who have an excellent understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of their course. Its focus on employability means that they are prepared to be job-ready, which is a huge asset in the world of work.

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Durham’s courses are well-known for their flexibility and are offered across the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. There are over 200 undergraduate courses and 100 taught postgraduate degrees, many of which can lead to a research-led career.

Entry to Durham is competitive and the university accepts applications from a wide range of qualifications. A good personal statement will stand out from the crowd and help to separate you from other applicants who may have achieved the grades required for your course.

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