How to Dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa Like a Local

Dance Cali Crossbody Salsa
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Cali-Crossbody Salsa is a vibrant and electrifying dance style that hails from Cali, Colombia. If you want to dance this captivating form of salsa like a local, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will take you through the essential steps and techniques to master Cali-Crossbody Salsa and dance it with the flair and energy of a true local.


1. Immerse Yourself in the Salsa Culture

To dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa like a local, start by immersing yourself in the rich salsa culture of Cali. Watch local dance performances, attend salsa events, and explore the city’s salsa clubs. Pay attention to the unique style and moves of local dancers, as this will inspire your own dance journey.

2. Learn the Cali-Style Salsa Fundamentals

Before diving into the intricacies of Cali-Crossbody Salsa, master the fundamental steps of Cali-Style Salsa. Focus on swift footwork, fluid hip movements, and sharp turns. Pay attention to the upbeat and joyful vibe that characterizes Cali-Style Salsa.

3. Feel the Music

In Cali, music and dance go hand in hand. To dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa like a local, feel the music with every fiber of your being. Let the rhythm guide your movements and allow yourself to be carried away by the infectious beats.

4. Embrace the Crossbody Lead

The Crossbody Lead is a signature move in Cali-Crossbody Salsa. As a local dancer, master this step with finesse find salsa classes in London. Ensure your leading and following skills are top-notch, as this move forms the backbone of many Cali-style combinations.

5. Add Flair with Stylish Turns

Cali-Crossbody Salsa is known for its dynamic turns and spins. Practice different turn variations and incorporate them into your dance. Make sure your turns are sharp, controlled, and visually striking.

6. Get Creative with Hand Styling

Hand styling is an essential aspect of Cali-Crossbody Salsa. Local dancers often express their emotions and personality through intricate hand movements. Experiment with hand gestures and positions to add your unique touch to the dance.

7. Maintain a Strong Connection with Your Partner

In Cali-Crossbody Salsa, dancing is a conversation between partners. Maintain a strong connection with your dance partner through eye contact and responsive body language. A seamless connection will make your dance feel effortless and enjoyable.

8. Showcase Your Individuality with Shines

Shines are solo footwork patterns that allow you to shine on the dance floor. As a local dancer, develop your own signature shines and confidently showcase them during the dance. Let your personality and creativity shine through.

9. Engage with the Salsa Community

Connect with the local salsa community to enhance your dancing experience. Attend social events, workshops, and salsa festivals. Dancing with different partners will help you adapt to various styles and improve your overall skills.

10. Embrace the Joy of Dancing

Above all, dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa with joy and passion. Let go of any inhibitions and immerse yourself in the exhilarating experience of salsa. Dancing like a local means dancing with heart and soul.


Congratulations! You’ve learned how to dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa like a local. By immersing yourself in the salsa culture, mastering the fundamental steps, and adding your flair and individuality, you can dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa with the energy and spirit of a true local. Embrace the vibrant rhythm and let your love for salsa shine through in every step.


Is Cali-Crossbody Salsa suitable for beginners?

Yes, beginners can learn Cali-Crossbody Salsa with dedication and practice.

Do I need a dance partner to learn Cali-Crossbody Salsa?

While having a partner can be helpful, you can also practice solo footwork and shines.

Where can I find salsa events in Cali, Colombia?

Cali is known for its salsa scene, and you can find events at local dance studios, clubs, and cultural centers.

What makes Cali-Crossbody Salsa unique?

Cali-Crossbody Salsa is characterized by its fast footwork, energetic turns, and joyful expression.

Can I dance Cali-Crossbody Salsa even if I have no prior dance experience?

Yes, you can learn Cali-Crossbody Salsa as a beginner and gradually improve with practice.