Google AdWords Explained In 2021

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Google AdWords advertising is an advertising platform developed exclusively by Google, in which advertisers bid on keywords to show short ads, product offerings, service offers, or video content to online visitors. It may place ads on search results pages and on other non-search sites, apps, and even videos. In return, Google receives paid for each click on the ads, as well as payment when a sale or other action occurs. The system is designed to offer marketers control over who sees their messages and how they are presented.

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Google AdWords offers a number of options to advertisers on how they will advertise through their AdWords account. They include the use of contextual advertising, pay per click, cost per mile, and cost per mile  PPC advertising companies. The most popular option, and perhaps the most effective for most marketers, are the use of pay-per-click ads.

Google AdWords Explained

With this type of advertising, Google collects data on where the user clicks on the ads, and from that point, Google determines an advertiser’s position on the search results page, called the Pay Per Click Result Page. The higher up on the result page of a website appears the more traffic is generated from that site, and the more likely it is that a visitor will click on an ad. Google AdWords advertisers only pay for internet traffic that ultimately results in a sale, so they do not want to waste their advertising budget on low-quality traffic.

To enhance the effectiveness of their pay-per-click advertising programs, Google provides AdWords users with a tracking tool, called the Google AdWords Real-Time Positioning System (RTRS). This tracking tool will help a marketer to understand where their ads are performing relative to other ads on the relevant search results page. AdWords advertisers have the option of placing only their ads and not spending any money until they see results from their ads, or they can put some money down before placing any ads at all and test how natural results flow through the pay-per-click display network.

Final Words

Google AdWords also provides the opportunity to use the AdWords contextual advertising feature, which allows the advertiser to control what content the website features when it features it, and how much content may be displayed based on the keywords used in the keyword matching criteria.