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Factors to Consider When Choosing Leka Roofing System

Solid Roof Conservatory
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The Leka system is a solid conservatory roof that can transform your existing glazed or polycarbonate conservatory into a usable space all year round. It combines a tiled finish with proper insulation and is fully plastered. It uses replica concrete (Metrotile) or slate tiles (TapcoSlate) that match the aesthetic of your home.



The Leka warm roof is a revolutionary new system that allows you to convert your existing conservatory into a comfortable, usable room all year round. It has been designed to outperform and outlast traditional glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs and is one of the lightest tiled conservatory roofs available.

The roof is constructed with simple ladder kits in GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) and is then fitted with insulated Celotex sheets leka. It does not require a timber substructure which reduces condensation, water leaks, and mold problems. It also eliminates rotting or swelling due to moisture and is completely weatherproof.

The outer finish of the roof can be finished with either Metrotile or Britmet lightweight alternative tiles or Tapco or Britmet lite slate to match the style of your property. These tiles are much lighter than a concrete or natural slate tile, and they have been designed to last for up to a 40-year warranty.


The Leka warm roof system is the perfect solution for homeowners that are unhappy with their current conservatory roof. It can replace any glazed or polycarbonate roof and offers a range of different colours so it can either blend in or stand out depending on your preference. Its use of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) rafters allows for a stronger, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber. It also doesn’t suffer from sweating / condensation or cold bridging like aluminium and is not prone to wood worm or rotting like timber.

The roof tiles are made of engineered Tapco slate or Metrotile concrete effect tiles which weigh up to seven times less than the natural alternatives and look very similar. They also have a longer lifespan than the natural alternative and are resistant to damage.

The Leka ecotech roof is a solid conservatory roof that is building control compliant with an option for lowering the U-value to 0.15w/m2k. Its innovative design makes it easy to install and requires no additional bracing. It can be installed as a whole room conversion or as a replacement roof on existing conservatories and comes in four simple ladder kits.

Reputation of the Shop

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing conservatory roof, or you want to create an orangery-style extension, the Leka System is a high-quality and cost-effective solution. The system is designed to outperform and outlast conventional glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. Its solid construction helps to reduce heat loss and reduces glare, making it a much more comfortable space to relax in year-round.

The Leka Warm Roof is one of the leading systems in the market and is admired in the trade for its quality and performance. It can be fitted as a replacement roof to most existing conservatories without the need for extra structural bracing.

The Leka System features GRP (glass reinforced plastic) ladder rafters and Celotex insulation boards to provide a very high thermal efficiency. Its lightweight design makes it easier to install and complies with building regulation U values, without using any aluminium or timber components. This makes it the cutting-edge product of choice for many installation companies and homeowners alike.

Energy Efficiency

The Leka roof is a super lightweight system designed to replace old inefficient conservatory roofs. The strength of this unique solid roof comes from Glass Reinforced Plastic ladder rafters and Celotex insulation boards. This combination allows for a high level of energy efficiency without the need for thick insulation mats which are difficult to fit and can create unsightly gaps around the edges.

This roof is an incredibly effective way to transform your conservatory into a comfortable, useable space all year round. It has a superior U-value, traps heat like a traditional roof, and reduces glare. It also offers a choice of premium roof tiles including Tapco slate and Metrotile concrete effect, so you can match it to your existing home roof.

The Leka Warm Roof typically weighs 30-40kg less than a traditional glass conservatory roof, which means that existing frames can usually support the new construction without the need for extra bracing. This helps to keep installation costs down and helps homeowners to achieve a quick return on investment.

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