ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever: Packaging Automation for Cardboard Sleeve

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ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever is all servo driven and of high-speed performance for carton sleeving. An unprecedented innovation by a packaging machine manufacturer in China.

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, a manufacturer of secondary packaging automation machinery and end-of-line automation solutions and located in Wenzhou, China, decides to announce that they are launching their ESTRENAWAS-150 Wrap-Around Sleever, which is a new machine targeting the food industry and to enhance packaging automation for principally ready meals in trays and may also be applied to other forms of packaging either in single package or in form of multipack.


Compared to alternative packaging machines

Compared to alternative packaging machines such as cartoning machines with which the sleeves used should be pre-glued, wrap-around sleever outstrips the former in terms of performance and can form the packaging sleeve with better tightness.

ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever: Packaging Automation for Cardboard Sleeve

Upon receiving trays of ready meals from upstream machines or by manual loading, the sleever picks flat blank sleeves from the carton hopper where hundreds of sleeves are stored; places sleeve on the trays, slides the sleeve around the trays and complete the closure on the bottom with hot-melt glue.

When joined by a customized grouping system, the Wrap-Around Sleever can also handle containers in complex form of multipack.

Developed with the joint effort of SIEMESN China, ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever can run at a maximum speed of up to 150 packages per minute.

Features and Benefits:

  • All servo driven with SINAMICS V90 servo converter and the SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor
  • Ergonomic design and excellent accessibility for maintenance
  • Compact footprint
  • Patented sleeve picker system
  • Fast changeover to cover multiple formats
  • Robust stainless-steel construction for food-grade application

“Packaging sleeve, compared to traditional six-sided carton boxes, is an eco-friendly form of packaging with which we can contribute to sustainability by consuming less printing and paper materials.”, addressed Zhiwei Bao, company owner and third generation of the family business.

“ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is proud to offer such a cutting-edge packaging automation solution to boosts either the packaging efficiency and the effort to environmental-protection of our customers, principally in the food industry. ¨, added Bao.

The introduction of ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever to the market calls an outset of ÉLITER Packaging Machinery´s strategy of transformation and reincarnation.

About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a family business for three generation in the sector of packaging machines and packaging automation. Consisting of 18 people only and as a small business though, the company is now taking transformation into a innovation packaging machinery manufacturer by investing and attaching utmost importance to R+D+I. ÉLITER Packaging Machinery currently designs and manufactures cartoning machines, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleever.

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