Choosing a Maternity Pillow in Dublin and Ireland

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Maternity pillows are essential to give better support and comfort to the expectant mother. Selecting the right pillow is essential to prevent body aches and backaches caused by the baby’s increased weight.

This article will discuss some of the best options available. By using a pregnancy pillow, the expectant mother can rest easy and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. If you live in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland, here are a few tips to help you choose the best pillow for your needs.

Choosing a Maternity Pillow in Dublin

A maternity pillow is specially designed to fit the body contours of a pregnant woman. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy, it provides support and comfort for the entire body. During the latter stages of pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow is especially useful. Not only does it provide support for the expectant mother, but it can also act as a feeding pillow for the baby. It is ideal for women who wish to sleep on the left side.

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Another type of pregnancy pillow is a total body pillow, which supports everything from the head to the legs Het Beste Zwangerschapskussen van Slaapcity. These pillows are especially helpful during the second trimester when the weight of a pregnant woman increases and puts additional pressure on the hips, legs, and back.

A pregnancy pillow will help relieve any back or belly pain and help you enjoy a more peaceful sleep at night. A total body pillow comes in two basic shapes – c-shaped and u-shaped.