Can the Chinese Buy Land in Pakistan?

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China has been a major investor in Pakistan for years, but this is only now starting to become a controversial issue. Chinese citizens have been given some tax breaks and other privileges that Pakistanis do not enjoy. China has also been a major supplier of weapons to Pakistan and has played a significant role in the country’s politics. But it is not all good. The Chinese have also faced protests in Pakistan.

Can the Chinese Buy Land in Pakistan?

The Chinese population in Pakistan is expected to grow considerably with the implementation of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is estimated that 71,000 Chinese nationals visited Pakistan in 2016 and 27,000 in 2015. In addition, there were 27,596 visa extensions granted to Chinese nationals last year, suggesting that more Chinese are staying in the country.

Can the Chinese Buy Land in Pakistan?

In recent years, China has been attempting to buy land in Pakistan without the consent of the local population property for sale dubai. It is unclear why these deals have been so controversial, but some critics argue that they are a sign of China’s influence in the country.

One example is the sale of 2,000 acres of land to China for the construction of a port. Local Baloch citizens do not want to see their lands be developed by Chinese-run projects. The sale of land to China is also good for Pakistan’s military, but many people fear that China is taking over Pakistan.

Investing in real estate in Pakistan is still a long process for foreigners, and they must go through a series of tedious procedures. The process is extremely lengthy and can take months.

The government needs to relax its rules about foreign property ownership and simplify the process for foreigners. They must submit certain documents and a letter of employment from a foreign country, stating the nature of the job, how long they have been employed, and contact information.