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What Company Owns Intex?

What Company Owns Intex?

Intex is a family of companies that produce a variety of inflatable products, including airbeds and above-ground pools. These products are sold to consumers worldwide.

Intex has a strong focus on designing and producing high-quality products for indoor and outdoor recreation. They also provide superior customer service and support.

Intex Recreation Corp.

Intex is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of airbeds, above-ground pools and other novelty floaty items Handbook. They also have a knack for the big idea. For example, they’ve teamed with Coyne to create the Intex and Coyne calendars to drive home that Intex is the king of inflatables.

The company is also notable for its slick customer service department. Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on an Intex pool float before your next family vacation. Be sure to check out our reviews of the best Intex floats on the market. You won’t be disappointed!

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The Wet Set Company

Intex, formerly The Wet Set Company, started in 1966 in California. Its first inflatable product was the beach ball and it has since become part of a global family of companies that distribute airbeds, above ground pools, portable spas and toys.

The company also designs and manufactures fountains that are used for water entertainment, which have been installed around the world. Among their most famous fountains are the Leapfrog at Disney Parks, the WaterBells at the Global Trade Center in China, and the Lycaste at Dasada in Thailand.

The company’s commitment to sustainability has seen it implement recycling programs and partner with suppliers who help to reduce their carbon footprint. Intex is known for its quality products and outstanding customer service.

Its pool products are now sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Moreover, Intex is known for its excellent safety standards. Intex has also worked with the American Red Cross and World Waterpark Association to ensure that they are producing safe, fun and durable products for families to enjoy.

Intex International Inc.

Founded in 1995, Intex International Inc. manufactures and sells consumer electronics in India. Its products are available through its own brand stores, distributors and dealers spread across the country.

Intex currently operates four manufacturing facilities in Jammu, Baddi and Noida, as well as a new facility in Livonia, MI, that started up in December 2019. The company has over half a million square feet of production space under roof.

The company’s annual sales are around 3,030,000. It employs around 3 people at its Garden City location, and another 2 employees at its Livonia facility.

Intex is owned by three shareholders. SHARAM AMIR-KEYVAN owns 45 ORDINARY shares of the company, while HERBERT NALLY and TOORAJ AZMOODEH own 10 ORDINARY shares each.

Intex Manufacturing Inc.

What company owns Intex?

Intex is a family of companies that makes a variety of innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation. They are known for their quality products, state-of-the-art factories, and a strong commitment to customer service.

The company is also known for its saltwater systems, which are a good way to keep your pool water clean and fresh. The system has a variety of features, including an adjustable pump, a UV light, and a filter cartridge.

Intex manufactures a range of products, including smartwatches, tablets, and headphones. The company also sells home theater systems and other consumer electronics. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

It has 2295 employees. It has a revenue of $870 million. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company uses a variety of tools and technologies to design its products. It has five manufacturing plants. Its Noida facility is the largest.

What Are the Main Types of Fencing?

What Are the Main Types of Fencing?

If you want to get fencing installed around your property for various reasons, you need to choose one that fits in your budget, satisfies your needs and is durable. You also need to make sure that it adds the right curb appeal and adorns your exterior surroundings.

There are several types of fencing available, ranging from basic to elegant and creative. The main purpose of fences is to keep your home safe from burglars and trespassers.


Epee fencing is a type of fencing that is usually fought between two men. It combines the offense of saber and the defense of foil Economy Fence Tampa. Unlike saber and foil, touches in epee are scored with the tip of the blade. This makes the entire body available as a target area, including the head and limbs.

One of the disadvantages of the epee is that it is slower than other types of fencing. This is because hits are only scored by the tip of the weapon and there are no right-of-way rules.

However, it is also important to remember that epee is the most defensive of the three weapons. This means that fencers must have high skills to defend their opponent’s attacks and counter them with their own attacks.


The sabre is a light thrusting weapon that can be used to score hits with the tip of the blade or the cutting edge. The target area of the sabre is above the waist (including the head and both arms), and fencers are expected to aim for this.

Sabre fencing is a sport that demands high levels of physical fitness and speed as well as a certain level of protective gear. The fencer’s uniform consists of a jacket, an under-layer stretching halfway down the sword arm known as a plastron, a glove for the sword hand and breeches or short trousers that stop just before the knee.

The sabre is the only fencing weapon where the blade scores both with the tip and the body, which means that hits can be made to the whole of the valid target area. This is done by wearing a special electrical mask, jacket & glove that are designed to register a valid hit on a scoring apparatus when a sabre blade makes contact with it.


Foil fencing is the most common type of fencing and is a sport that has been in existence for more than a century. It is a fast and nimble sport that requires good balance and quick footwork.

Its main advantage is that it uses a blade that bends upon impact. This reduces the risk of injury to the fencer.

There are many different types of foils, and they vary in their durability. Some are made of metal, while others are plastic.

Foil fencers wear a mask that covers their face, ears and throat. A fabric bib on the back of the mask helps to absorb the force of a hit.


Fencing is a sport that involves speed, agility and chess-like strategic thinking. It is a challenging, rewarding and entertaining activity for people of all skill levels.

Fencers compete in national, international and Olympic competitions using foil, saber or epee. Each weapon is unique and has its own rules, strategies and target areas, making each bout a new challenge.

The competition takes place on a “piste” which is 46 feet long and around six feet wide in the centre. There is a centre line with on-guard lines six feet to either side across the width of the piste and this is where the fencers start each round from.

Each bout is ruled by a director or referee (sometimes called the president of the jury) and may be assisted by a panel of two or four line-judges. They are responsible for resolving any rule disputes that arise in the course of the bout. They are also tasked with seeding the participants into pools and/or elimination rounds, determining the format of the competition and resolving any problems that might occur between the fencers during the bout.