Day: June 1, 2022

Why You Should Consider Quartz Worktops

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If you’re planning to install a new worktop for your kitchen, then you might consider quartz worktops. These beautiful stone surfaces come in many different colors, including white and grey. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider them. If you’re looking for a modern look, you can go for a soft natural Quartz finish instead. These worktops are surprisingly durable and easy to clean. They will last for at least a decade.

Quartz Worktops

Cleaning a quartz worktop is relatively easy, but it is still important to avoid abrasive cleaners. In order to prevent scratches, it is best to clean quartz worktops at least once a day. However, it’s okay to use a mild detergent several times throughout the day. You shouldn’t cut food directly on a quartz worktop, since this can scratch the surface. Hot items should also be kept away from quartz counters because they can burn or discolor the resin.

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The main advantage of quartz over granite is its resistance to high temperatures. When the surface temperature of quartz worktops exceeds 150 degrees Fahrenheit, it will permanently tree surgeon in Glasgow damage the resin and can become discolored or white.

However, it’s not impossible to repair a damaged quartz worktop. A trivet or hot pad can be used to protect the surface. You’ll need to use a trivet to avoid direct contact with hot objects, as this could cause a scratch on the surface.

Garena Free Fire Mod APK

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Garena Free Fire Mod APK

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