Day: September 7, 2021

Can They T tow Abandon Vehicles?

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The companies that tow abandoned vehicles from private property contend that they are only being cheated of their legal right to earn an honest living by staying loyal to multi-year local deals that oblige them to tow all abandoned vehicles on the roads of the cities.

Abandon Vehicles

Towing these vehicles has always been profitable. However, the need to tow abandoned vehicles seriously eat into these profits. Today, the number of vehicles that are abandoned or which are stolen far exceeds the number of vehicles that actually end up in the tow truck lot un-returned.

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If two abandoned vehicles could be returned to their rightful owners, it would add greatly to the company’s bottom line. The problem is, there are no longer any local governments or individual citizens who will allow the vehicles to remain on the roads.

This is because many individuals feel no one is accountable for these illegal taxis, and that they should not be punished for something that someone else does Canberra towing. In addition, there are some towns and cities where it is simply too dangerous to allow abandoned or stolen cars to be towed. Towing poses a physical threat to the drivers, as well as a financial one.

City officials claim that they cannot tow abandoned vehicles because doing so would destroy the city’s roadways. It would be “inexplicable” if they tow one car and leave another behind, they argue. The solution is not for the city officials to just tow cars and releases them into the streets, but to do what they can to ensure that they tow abandoned vehicles carefully, and release them when they have done their job.

The problem with this approach is that it puts the burden of responsibility solely on the shoulders of the tow truck company. If they tow an automobile that has been left running and unattended for days on end, how are they supposed to ensure it is returned to its proper location as soon as possible? What’s more, they might damage the vehicle further by trying to get it into a locked garage when it isn’t actually locked.